About US

Founded in 2015 by Managing director Nathan York, YBC’s staff compliment of diverse, driven, professionals boasts over 33 years of international experience in the construction industry with a wide range of experience in new and existing projects. YBC has worked across two continents on various scales of projects from massive hospital developments to mid-sized commercial properties and smaller residential buildings. YBC offers a unique, holistic approach to the industry; combining design, construction and maintenance services aimed at supporting the entire lifecycle of a building.


Our expert team are qualified in a number of fields within the vast spectrum of the construction industry and are dedicated to produce excellence for our clients.


To be the preferred choice within the industry. Renown for our integrity and commitment to excellence.


To deliver excellence to our clients, from inception to completion we aim to deliver professionally managed projects, timeously and of exceptional quality.


Integrity has always been of paramount importance to YBC and as such we strive for professionalism and honesty with all our clients, and to conduct our projects as ethically as possible.


In order to deliver excellence, YBC strives to continually learn and grow; keeping up to date with new technolo­gies and changing regulations in the ever-evolving con­struction industry. We align ourselves with our suppliers and familiarise our staff with what is new, and all train­ing is adjusted to suite the changing markets.